Best Coffee Grinder and Brewer Combo for 2017-18

Best Coffee Grinder and Brewer Combo2Purchasing a coffee grinder and brewer combo not only will save you time in producing your coffee but it will ensure you have a fresh cup with every brew. Locating the right grinder and brewer combo takes research and comparison.

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You want to ensure you are selecting the right machine for your needs and it is capable of sustaining years of grinding. To assist in your search we have compiled a list of the best coffee grinder and brewer combos available on the market today.

Top Automatic Drip Coffee Maker w/Grinder

Keyton Automatic Drip Coffee Maker and GrinderThe Keyton Automatic Drop Coffee Maker and Grinder has the capacity to brew up to 12 cups of coffee during each use. With the ability to customize the size and strength this automatic machine is an ideal choice. To start you will select the grind thickness of your beans and then one of the 3 brewing options. Instantly with the push of the bottom you are able to watch the machine grind your beans and brew your coffee.

The Keyton can hold up to 200 grams of beans and even features a pre-setting to allow you to program the machine 24 hours in advance. Wake up to a cup of coffee without having to do the work in the morning. Consumers who have purchased the Keyton two in one machine have commented that the coffee maker is not noisy and that the coffee it produces is of high quality and strength.

Best Rated Grind-and-Brew Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DGB-550BK Grind and BrewA home favorite, the Cuisinart automatic coffee machine – DGB-550BK Cuisinart Coffeemaker has the capacity to brew up to 12 cups but allows you the option to brew only one to four if needed. For stronger cups of coffee the smaller cup size is the better option. This particular model from Cuisinart comes with a built in grinder to achieve flavorful and fresh beans each and every time.

The DGB-550K has been designed with a 24 hour programmable feature that allows you to set the brewing time in advance. There is no need to wait for your coffee in the morning. Instead wake up to the aroma of fresh ground beans and hot steaming coffee. The control panel feature has also been equipped with an automatic shut off for those who tend to be forgetful. Those who have purchased the machine have commented that it makes a “fabulous, hot, dark, rich coffee” during each brew.

Best Coffee Grinder and Brewer Combo

GCM4500 Gourmia Coffee Maker with Built in Coffee GrinderSimilar to the previous two coffee makers the GCM4500 Gourmia Coffee Maker with Built in Coffee Grinder has a programable feature that allows you to set the grinding and brewing time of your coffee. You’ll be able to head to bed knowing that a cup of coffee is waiting for you when you wake up. The Gourmia has a 10 cup capability which is an ideal feature for those who prefer a bold and stronger flavor. The removable grinder allows for easy cleaning and upkeep after each use as well.

The Gourmia is an interchangeable machine. If you are running late feel free to use pre-ground coffee beans as well. The all in one machine is the ideal choice for those who need to cut back in time on your coffee brewing. Consumers love the versatile feature of the Gourmia that allows them option of using the whole bean grinder or regular coffee grinds. The machine is perfect for a divided household or office.

Purchasing Tips for a Coffee Grinder and Brewer Combo

Best Coffee Grinder and Brewer Combo3Before purchasing a two in one machine that allows you to both grind your coffee beans and brew your coffee you will want to take a few things into account. The power of the machine and the capacity of beans should be a top priority. Do you prefer a machine that is quiet or one that gets the job done?

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Asking yourself these questions ahead of time allows you to narrow down your search before you even begin. It also highly suggested that read the consumer reviews before purchasing to ensure you receive a high-quality machine that will perform both the grinding and brewing for years to come.


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