Best Coffee Grinder for French Press 2015

best grinder for french press - introWhen it comes to coffee, using a French Press gives a nice full flavored coffee to get the day going.  For the avid coffee drinker, having a coffee grinder is a plus as it provides the freshest tasting coffee for added deliciousness, and allows you to choose the coarseness of the grinds.

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Depending on your personal preferences, will depend on the type of grinder you will want as they break out the coffee bean in different ways.  Here are some of the best coffee grinder for french press that you will find on the market as they are highly rated among consumers who have bought them.


Best Manual Coffee Grinder to Buy

best grinder for french press - kyoceraThe Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder has a multi purpose as it not only prepares fresh coffee, but it can prepare salt, pepper, and nuts, green tea. It is lightweight at one pound and it has an adjustable grinding level from coarse to fine, giving you more options on the type of coffee you prefer. It has a ceramic closing and is shaped like a diamond to add style to your kitchen counter.

It provides a long useful life with its rust free feature. It has a non slip base that ensures its stability on the counter and in hand. It has a reusable glass container that is also easy to clean and it can store up to 100 grams of coffee grinds. This item is easily easily cleaned in the dishwasher, removing having to wash it by hand and getting aggravated with a self clean process. It costs about $50 online and it received 4.5 stars from more than 465 amazon reviewers to make this among the best coffee grinder for french press.


Best Burr Coffee Grinder for the Money

best grinder for french press - capressoThe Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder 560.01 weighs about four pounds and comes with a one year limited warranty at time of purchase. It has a built in timer that allows you to determine how long it will take to finish grinding. It it easy to clean with its zinc die casting housing and it operates on 100 watts of power. It has a conical burr grinder and there are 16 different settings for grinding that are marked clearly for you to select from.

It holds up to four ounces of coffee grinds and it has a container that holds up to 8.5 ounces of coffee. It has a safety lock to prevent accidental start ups and you can select the coffee grinding setting from fine to coarse. It has a tight fitting container and it comes with a measuring scoop and a cleaning brush. Consumers like how easy it is to clean and like it quality. It earned 4 stars from more than 1970 amazon reviewers and it costs about $90 online.


Best Blade Coffee Grinder to Buy

best grinder for french press - bodumThe Bodium Bistro Electric Blade Coffee Grinder weighs about two pounds and is made in the United States. It is made up of various materials including stainless steel, rubber, and plastic. It has an easy touch grinding button on the top to make it easy to get started and it is small in size for easy storage, taking up little space even on your counters.

It has a transparent lid that allows you to watch the grinding while it is happening and it comes in various colors from black to blue. The power cord can be stored away at the bottom of the grinder and it can grind up to eight cups of coffee within one time of grinding. Consumers like how small it is and its easy grip ability that prevents it from slipping. It costs about $35 online and it received 4 stars form 150 amazon reviewers to make this one of the best coffee grinder for french press to buy.


These are all among the top choices when you are searching for the ideal coffee grinder. They all provide features that make cleaning, grinding, and making fresh coffee that much easier.

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