Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over in 2016

Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over2The earliest methods of grinding coffee into a fine powder consistency started in Ethiopia. There was a primitive process by the Ethiopians that involved the use of a mortar and pestle.

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In other civilizations of the ancient world coffee was widely traded and consumed among the Romans and the people of Arabia who in 1200 AD, roasted and ground coffee by using millstones. For the Arabians of the ancient world, coffee was regularly consumed during mealtimes. The device of the Romans was a wheat mill that was constructed specifically for grinding enormous batches of coffee beans.

Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over3As the Middle Ages arrived, the civilizations of Turkey and Persia reengineered the primitive coffee grinders into cylindrical mills that served the same purpose of pulverizing tiny beans into a fine ground powder that is easily diluted in hot water.

Moving on through the 17th and 18th centuries, coffeehouses were common meeting places for communities where the updated coffee mill had made several transformations in order to produce commercially made coffee. It was not until 1798 that the first coffee grinder was created by Thomas Bruff, who happened to be the dentist of Thomas Jefferson.

The first coffee grinder that was developed and patented by John Gulick Baker was used in grocery stores in 1870.

The coffee grinder had gone through several changes over the centuries and then in 1924, the first modern electric coffee grinder was introduced by the Hobart Manufacturing Company. From then on, the coffee grinder was to become a common household item up until the present day. If you are looking for a grinder to save money, there are several coffee grinders on the market that are either manual or electric.

Top Manual Coffee Grinder to Buy

Casual Grounds Manual Coffee Grinder Ceramic Burr MillThe first item by Casual Grounds is a Manual Coffee Grinder Ceramic Burr Mill which can grind up to eight tablespoons of coffee. One plastic coffee scoop is included with purchase. The crank and handle of this very affordable grinder is stainless steel and very easy to carry by hand. It can be used in the comfort of your home or when camping on trips.

A few benefits of this coffee grinder is that grinding manually cuts down on noise that’s typically produced by electric coffee grinders and it also saves on electricity. Another great benefit is being able to adjust the dial of the grinder if you want thicker coffee grounds or more of a powder consistency.

Customers really loved the convenience of this grinder by describing that they actually enjoy making their coffee manually. All that is needed is two scoops to start making freshly ground coffee in minutes. The nice thing about this product as stated by a customer, is being in control of how his coffee is made than watching a barista making it in a coffee shop. Another commented on how much stronger this grinder was compared to other brands.

Best Manual Coffee Grinder Mill

Siasky Manual Coffee Grinder Mill with a Ceramic Adjustable BurrThe next product by Siasky is a Manual Coffee Grinder Mill with a Ceramic Adjustable Burr. Its features include a stainless steel cylindrical design and a portable hand crank for easy grinding. A built in ceramic burr allows you to control how dense or fine you want your coffee to be.

Some positives of this manual grinder is that it stays rust free and is portable. You can take this grinder with you on trips and the great thing about overall is the quality stainless steel, making it last for many years.

One customer loved that this product was more inexpensive compared to other brands yet had the same quality in durability and performance. It is very easy to use and is of high quality according to reviewers. Another stated how this grinder lasts longer than an electric grinder which gave out after ten years.

Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over

Latte’s Art Manual Grinder with an Adjustable Ceramic Burr and HandleLike the first two products, a coffee grinder by Latte’s Art is also a Manual Grinder with an Adjustable Ceramic Burr and Handle that’s easy to turn. It is also very quiet while operating and is portable so you can take it on the go to work or for camping.

This grinder by Latte’s Art is designed to be easy to carry and strong enough to last with extended use. It has a beautiful stainless steel finish and grinds every bean to its desired consistency.

Many were impressed by the performance of this coffee grinder as well as for its design. It does exactly what it says it does and creates outstanding, freshly ground coffee every time. One even says it does a better job than an electric brand he uses and that this simple manual operated grinder produces very flavorful coffee in just minutes.

It is pretty convenient that a little bag comes with the purchase that is free as an additional accessory. Others love it for the value as it is one of the least expensive of all the coffee grinders on the market. Another customer says that he uses his grinder everyday for making coffee.

High Quality Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

Khaw-Fee Manual Coffee GrinderThe last product is a Manual Coffee Grinder by Khaw-Fee which features a High Quality Ceramic Burr Coffee Mill and a Glass Container that catches the coffee after its been ground. Other features include easy to adjust grind settings, a sealable lid, and a hand crank with handle that will produce that perfect cup of coffee you’ve always wanted.

It is also portable so that you can take it with you on the go whenever you need a fresh coffee. The nice part of using this grinder is not disturbing others while they are still asleep. This grinder is very quiet and does not require any electrical outlet.

For many purchasers, this grinder has a good size to it and it is very light. You can either hold it while cranking the handle or lay it down.

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While other brands have that tiny glass window for viewing how much coffee is ground, this has a glass container allowing a user to see exactly how much coffee is being produced. This makes high quality coffee without a barista.


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