Best Coffee Maker for One Single Person in 2016-2017

Best Coffee Maker for One Single Person2For many, coffee is a staple beverage of choice for people who have busy lives and for those who often start their days early. People choose this beverage for the fact that it does keep them alert throughout the day from the strong concentration of caffeine that coffee produces naturally. Legend has it that coffee originated from a goat herder named,

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Kaldi who lived in Ethiopia in the 10th century. Kaldi had discovered from observing the behavior of his goats that they became more energetic after eating berries from a particular tree. These berries seemed to keep them awake at night and after making this discovery, he decided to share the berries with monks in a monastery. The monks diluted the berries in a drink that they consumed which kept them alert during their daily religious activities.

After the knowledge of these berries became widespread, coffee had become one of the most consumed and popular beverages in the world. It is now second next to oil as the most traded commodity and at least 2.25 billion cups are consumed everyday. With the popularity of coffee as being the most common beverage, consumers also depend on a coffee maker that will brew that perfect cup of coffee each and every morning.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Scoop CoffeemakerThe first product by Hamilton Beach is a single serve coffee maker which features a 14 ounce travel cup and is made of stainless steel. The Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker already has a built in stand for single serve coffee mugs and for traveling mugs you take on the go. The process of this single serve coffee maker is very simple.

You simply scoop your favorite coffee of choice, place it inside the filter, and brew one fantastic cup of coffee to start your day off right. This coffee maker enables you to brew one cup of coffee in about 90 seconds. Coffee comes out more flavorful and hotter in less time and that’s perfect for busy singles.

The personal brewer is a favorite among customers for its ease of use, affordability, and that it is very easy to clean after use. One customer shared that the Hamilton Beach coffee maker is very quiet as it brews and another states that he uses it daily. Another customer uses it for the office and is happy that it serves its purpose as it takes up little room.

Best Coffee Maker for On-the-Go Person

Black and Decker DCM 18S Brew n Go Personal Coffee MakerThe next product by Black and Decker is the Brew and Go personal coffee maker which comes with a stainless steel travel mug that holds about 15 ounces. The Black and Decker DCM 18S Brew n Go Personal Coffee Maker doesn’t require a paper filter and turns off automatically after your coffee is fully brewed. This tiny coffee maker is perfect for those who are active and those who travel often. The Brew and Go has a permanent filter so that it’s easy to clean and dishwasher compatible.

The travel mug is also dishwasher safe and is engineered to keep your coffee at an optimal temperature after heading out the door. Another feature of this mug is the rubber handle allowing the ease of carrying something which also serves as insulation from the heat of the coffee.

There are many positive reviews on this product from customers who have praised the Brew and Go as very quick to brew, easy to clean, and takes up less space. Another customer loved how this product can fill a much larger cup to at least 16 ounces and does its magic as soon as you press the start button.Others love the value and the fact that it can be used with any coffee mug you want.

Best Personal 1-Cup Coffee Maker

Better Chef 102B Personal Cup Coffee MakerPersonal coffee makers come in a variety of designs and colors and this one cup personal coffee maker by Better Chef, is very similar in design to the Black and Decker. The Better Chef 102B Personal Cup Coffee Maker holds any coffee mug of your choice and is very affordable. It does use coffee pods and has an indicator light on the side of it letting you know when your coffee is ready.

Customers have commented that this product is very cost efficient and was great to use in a college dorm room. Another said it brews in only four minutes and is very easy to clean. One customer uses it at least twice per day and loves how its very light weight, preparing coffee in a little less than five minutes. Another reviewer loved that his coffee tasted better after using the Better Chef coffee maker and is used more often than a more expensive brand he already owns.

Best Budget Single Cup Coffee Maker

Brentwood TS-112R Single Cup Coffee MakerMost coffee makers have that standard design of being compact and practical enough for use without enticing the customer to purchase it solely on looks. What most customers want in a coffee maker is reliability as with all the items mentioned above. One single cup coffee maker by Brentwood – Brentwood TS-112R Single Cup Coffee Maker offers affordability, practicality, and design all in one. It has a round, sleek and modern design featuring a brew basket with filter and a drip tray that is removable.

One customer commented that she likes the crimson color of the coffee maker and uses it on a routine basis. Others have noticed how easy it is to use and say that it does exactly what it promises and that is to make a perfect cup of coffee. Another happy customer uses the Brentwood coffee maker regularly in the office. Others have enjoyed the ease of use and that it fits perfectly on kitchen surfaces.

Top Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Café Valet Black-Silver Single Serve Coffee BrewerFinally, the last device by Café Valet is a single serve coffee brewer that brews a perfect cup of coffee directly into your favorite mug. Other features of the Café Valet Black/Silver Single Serve Coffee Brewer include its ability to brew one 10 ounce cup of coffee in only a few minutes. Operating the device is very simple and cleanup is a breeze in very few steps. In no time, the Café Valet will brew a perfect cup of coffee which is suitable either at the office or in a tiny apartment.

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Customers love the convenience and the fact that it takes up little space at work or home.


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