Best Espresso Machine under $200 in 2014

best espresso machine under 200 - intro xoCoffee has been a favorite stress buster for decades. While in the earlier times coffee beans were ground and boiled with hot water to make espresso, today there are fully automated espresso makers that come with various price tags, most of them being rather affordable and in reach of the ordinary man.

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If you have a budget of about $200 to spend on an espresso maker, you can easily get a model that has features like a 15 bar pump, auto shut off, a removable drip tray and also an easy fill water reservoir that will hold water plenty enough for at least 4-6 cups of coffee.

Here are few of the best espresso machines under 200 dollars.



best espresso machine under 200 delonghiThe DeLonghi EC702 is a 15 bar pump espresso maker that can brew the best coffee you have ever tasted. You can use either ground coffee or even convenient pods thanks to the dual function filter holder. The high quality stainless steel boiler and 15 bar pressure pump ensures that you get nothing but delicious coffee every time you turn on this durable machine. The patented cappuccino frother is an added plus.

It mixes steam and milk in the perfect proportion to lace your drinks with creamy and rich froth. The machine also has a self priming feature that eliminates start up preparations. The prime feature of this espresso machine is that water and steam is controlled individually through separate thermostats. This makes sure your espresso is never lukewarm and always tastes supreme.

Users find this espresso machine the best option to make a delicious coffee concoction. Many suggest that you use fine grounds with this machine, if you want your coffee to taste rich. One of the most favorite feature of many is the double shot option, so you can make more coffee at one go. Great crema, great steam, great price and superb coffee.



best espresso machine under 200 - essezzaThe Essenza is a manual espresso maker that is rather compact and barely takes up any counter space. Easy insertion and ejection of the capsules make operation easy and less cumbersome when compared to other machines in the same price range. It has a thermoblocking heating element that ensures fast pre-heating time. You will be surprised that it takes barely 60 seconds for heating up though this is a manual espresso machine.

If you are looking for the best espresso maker under $200, this one is worth considering. Users claim that though it is a manual espresso machine it makes authentic and traditional coffee that you will not be able to resist.

Do not be surprised if you have your neighbors knock at your door with silly pretexts when your Essenza is brewing your morning cup of coffee. The initial set up is rather simple and takes but a few quick minutes. It makes some of the most smoothest, aromatic and freshest espresso. The frother that many users love is easy to use-just press the button and your milk is prepped to perfection!



best espresso machine under 200 - d50The Nespresso U D50 is an espresso with patented with aeroccino milk frother that prepares hot or cold milk froth at just the push of a button. It has a 27 ounce water tank that rotates and has a fast pre-heat time of just 25 seconds.

This espresso machine works with capsules and has an auto memorization of cup size. You can choose between a risserto, lungo or espresso and the machine will store your preference as per your input. The magnetic drip tray is easily removable and can be taken off easily for larger recipes. 19 bar pump pressure extracts maximum flavor from the capsules, giving you rich and aromatic coffee.

Users like the auto off feature that unlike other espresso machines goes off in just 9 minutes, that translated to more energy savings. Yet another favorite feature among many users is the light indicator that goes off when the water reservoir needs a refill. The capsule dispenser has a generous capacity and holds up to 12 capsules at one go.


Mr. Coffee

best espresso machine under 200 - mr coffee xoIf you are an ardent coffee lover, and have bought more than one model of coffee maker in your life, you are bound to have come across Mr Coffee. Mr Coffee has espresso machines in all ranges, expensive and economical. And each one of them lives up to it’s claim of making superior quality coffee. The Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000 is no exception to the line of coffee makers in their range of appliances.

This Café barista espresso machine has a powerful 15 bar pump that extracts rich flavor from the espresso grounds. Simply tamp down the grounds, attach the porta-filter and place your cup beneath the brew head to effortlessly indulge in café style espresso, lattes, and mochas. The automatic milk frother makes the creamiest and yummiest foam that goes well with any of your coffee recipes.

Users find the removable water reservoir of this café barista easy to remove, refill and clean. The see through milk reservoir also comes off easily and can be stored in the fridge. Another favorite feature of many is the one touch control panel that allows you to choose between single or double shots of your favorite beverage.



best espresso machine under 200 - krupsThe KRUPS XP601050 is a manual pump espresso machine that features a 50 ounce transparent water tank with sliding system for easy access. It has a double sided tool that acts as a tamper and spoon. The machine also features a rather efficient heating grid. The 15 bar pump, and the stainless steel body make this a powerful and durable espresso machine that has 3 options of espresso, hot water and froth.

Users love this simple yet classic espresso maker that gives discerning coffee lovers a wonderful coffee experience. Simple to use and easy to clean this model has been rated one of the best espresso machine under $200.


When it comes to getting a decent cup of espresso at a reasonable price there are a number options available to you.  These are some of the best espresso makers under $200 for you to chose from or to give you a good start. If you are looking for more top rated espresso machines under 200 dollars, you can go to by clicking here.




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