What is the Best Keurig Coffee Maker to Buy? 2016

keurig 20In recent years, coffee drinkers have had a new, fast, and easy way to get their daily caffeine fix. Keurig K-cups, for those who’ve not heard of them until now, are small containers of coffee grounds, often flavored, and portioned to be enough to brew one cup of that delicious drink that caffeine fiends and connoisseurs have all come to require.

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But with so many variations and styles now on the market, which should you choose? What works the best? What are their drawbacks? To help you decide which Keurig coffee maker is best for you, here is a lift of 5 top rated models for your consideration.

Top Rated Brewing System to Buy

Keurig K 130 Brewing SystemThis single-mug brewer – Keurig K130 is a commercial grade machine which you may find in some upscale hotel rooms. The built-in mug sensor ensures that you won’t spill a drop, and the sleek design means you won’t have an eyesore on your countertop.

Pros: no-spill sensor, easy to clean, stylish.

Cons: water tank holds only enough for one use, may not support the My K-Cup refillable cups.

Brew Time:  3 minutes for 8oz.

Best Pod Coffee Maker

Keurig K145 OfficeProThe Keurig K145 “OfficePro” is a beast of a brewer. It features a 48oz. removable reservoir to allow multiple uses before filling, and a heavy-duty design that will last through years of use. It has a size selector for 6, 8, or 10 oz mugs, just be sure not to select a greater size than the mug you’re using.

Pros: easy-refill, large reservoir, sturdy construction, black and chrome design, power saver option (turns off  water pre-heater).

Cons: no cup size sensor, not compatible with the My K-Cup.

Brew Time: 1-minute or less. (power saver: 2-3 minutes)

Best Single Serve under $100

Keurig K10 Mini-Plus Brewing SystemThis compact brewer – Keurig K10 “Mini-Plus” is perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments, or just for someone who doesn’t drink a lot of coffee. The machine comes in multiple colors and features the same size selector as the K145, though the reservoir, like the name suggests, is miniature and single-use.

Pros: small, lightweight, easy storage, fits the My K-Cup accessory, multiple color options.

Cons: one-use reservoir, longer brew time, can be loud.

Brew Time:  2-4 minutes.

Bestselling Single-Serve Brewer on the Market

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing SystemThe Keurig K45 “Elite” is a morning-coffee-on-the-go kind of machine. It features a removable drip-tray that allows it to accommodate most travel mugs for your morning commute. It has a removable 48oz. reservoir and the size selector option of previous models, but is also compatible with the My K-cup accessory.

Pros: large reservoir, fits travel mugs, fast-brewing, fits My K-cups, quiet brewing.

Cons: no size sensor, always on.

Brew Time: less than 1-minute.

Top Keurig Coffee Maker for the Price

Keurig K350 2.0This model – Keurig K350 “2.0” is a bit different than the rest. The K350 still allows you the simplicity of a single cup of coffee, but it also allows you to fill a 4-cup carafe using the same method. The dual functioning brewer  allows you to make a single cup or yourself or fill the carafe so the whole family can enjoy.

This model also features a 60oz. reservoir, an auto-brew function, a timer, and a 2.4 inch touchscreen. The carafe brewer allows you to select between three sizes to prevent overflow and waste. This is one of their latest models, and really shows great effort in Keurig’s innovation. It is also Amazon.com’s best seller in espresso maker and coffee combos.Best Keurig Coffee Maker 2015-3

Pros: multi-functional, easy to use, touchscreen, huge reservoir.

Cons: bulky, expensive, must be used with Keurig brand disposable k-cups and carafe cups only, not compatible with My K-Cup accessory.

Brew Time: less than 1-minute for a cup, 1-3 minutes for a carafe.

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With so many top of the line options available, it’s no wonder that Keurig is quickly becoming a household name. Find yours today!



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