Best Latte Machine for Home Reviews: 2015

Best Latte Machine for Home ReviewsDo you like being able to experiment with a wide variety of flavors in your latte? Have you noticed that the prices of lattes are getting higher and higher at all of your favorite coffee stands?

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If so, then a latte machine for home use may be the perfect investment choice for you. These machines are usually very inexpensive, and they can make coffee that tastes just as good as or even better than the coffee that you get from your local espresso stand. If you want a good latte maker that will work for several years and will do exactly what you need it to, then keep reading as we look at four of the best home latte makers on the market.

Best Latte Maker for the Price

Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1If you are looking for a high-quality latte machine that can be used in your home, then the Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 may be the ideal choice for you. With the simple press of a button, you can make lattes that taste just as good as the ones that you get at the coffee shop, and since the carafe that comes with this machine can hold 24 ounces at a time, you should be able to serve lattes to many different people, which is good if you are someone who frequently entertains guests.

You will know when your drink is ready, because the machine will automatically turn itself off after it has made the latte, so you will just be able to remove the carafe and serve the drink. There is a milk frother on this machine that makes the lattes taste absolutely wonderful. Finally, because of the recipe book that comes included with this machine, you can make hot chocolate and other delicious coffee-related beverages just by experimenting.

Many people like the quick and easy setup associated with this particular latte machine. They also like the fact that you can experiment with different flavors and coffee types to see which ones will work best for you.

Best Cappuccino and Latte Machine Combo

Keurig R500 RivoAnyone on the hunt for the best latte machine for home may want to consider the Keurig R500. Thanks to the 15 bars of pressure behind this coffee maker, you should be able to get the maximum amount of flavor in all of your drinks so that they are neither too strong nor too diluted. You can make espressos in 1.4 ounces, or you can choose to make a lungo, which is 2.8 ounces, but either way, you will still need to use a small cup that is made specifically for espresso purposes so you can enjoy your delicious beverages.

There are three different frothing modes on this machine: cappuccino, latte, and cold froth, and since brewing takes less than 1 minute, you can rest assured that you will get coffee that tastes exactly the way you want it to in a very short amount of time.

People like the milk frother on this latte maker—particularly when it comes to adjusting the three different settings the way that they like. Of course, users also appreciate the fact that this latte maker can create up to 25 cups of cappuccino in one sitting without any sort of a problem.

Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine under $100

De Longhi Espresso and Cappuccino EC155 MakerThe De’Longhi EC155 is a high-quality, 15-bar pump espresso maker that will work perfectly in your home—especially if you plan on using it while entertaining guests. This machine will work with both coffee pods and grounds, so you can use whatever you think will provide the most flavor and quality. The swivel jet frother ensures that lattes and cappuccinos come out tasting absolutely amazing, and since this machine self-primes, you don’t have to worry about priming the unit yourself before you can begin using it.

There are two separate thermostats on this latte machine, so the water and steam pressures will be controlled separately so that your coffee will taste exactly the way it is supposed to. The unit is also very easy to clean, so it shouldn’t take very long at all for you to disassemble the unit and wash them after each use.

According to popular online reviews, users like the fact that this coffee maker doesn’t take up too much space on their countertops. They also like the good taste associated with the coffee that comes out of this machine.

Best Latteccino and Coffee Maker Combo for Home

KRUPS KM310850Perhaps the best latte machine for home is the KRUPS KM310850. This machine has two-in-one functionality, with one side being specifically for making coffee and the other side for frothing milk. Therefore, you can make coffee and a latte at the same time if you so desire. The control panel is very easy to operate and adjust settings on as needed, and because the milk frother has a non-stick interior, you can rest assured that it will be very easy to clean up.

An automatic shutoff function on this latte machine keeps you and your family safe since the unit won’t overheat and start a fire after being unattended for a certain amount of time. When you purchase this coffee maker, you get a measuring spoon and a recipe book, so you can measure out the exact amount of coffee for every drink you are making, and you can experiment with various types of flavors of drinks to find ones that you and your guests may like.Best Latte Machine for Home Reviews3

Several users seem to appreciate the modern looks, easy operation, and easy cleanup that this coffee maker offers. They also like the two-in-one functionality so that you can make coffee and frothed drinks at the same time, thereby greatly reducing the amount of time that you need to spend on each type of drink.

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In short, if you are trying to find the best latte machine for home use, any one of the four models listed above is sure to be the ideal choice for you.

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