Best Portable Coffee Maker 2015

Best Portable Coffee MakerIf you are a coffee lover, a good cuppa is what starts your day or is that much needed mental break that you may need to think fresh ideas. That much needed cup of coffee can be elusive sometimes when traveling or at home. One might not always have access to a burner or the suitable utensils required to brew a steaming cup of coffee. However now you can have a device that is easy to use and clean, portable and lightweight, the portable coffee maker.

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If you are on the lookout for the best portable coffee maker, simply read on! We have hand picked a few of the best coffee makers that are portable yet brilliant at brewing authentic coffee that you will simply love.


Best Coffee Maker for the On-the-Go Person

Black and Decker DCM 18S Brew n Go Personal Coffee MakerThe Black & Decker DCM18S coffee maker is an easy to use device from Black and Decker. It is stylish and blends into any kitchen set up. The Brew n Go coffee maker comes with a stainless-steel mug that is tapered to fit most vehicle cup-holders. This coffee maker has a lot of utility and uses a permanent filter which is easily washable.

This eliminates the need for a paper filters that run out fast and can be an expensive affair. The Black & Decker DCM18S also has a host of other functions like auto shut off and a temperature indicator, that makes this coffee maker very user friendly. Makes a 15 ounce mug of coffee just enough to kick start your day.

Users find the stainless steel mug well built and handy, to carry along on their way to work. It also has a lid that keeps the coffee warm. Many also like that this coffeemaker brews right into the trendy travel mug, eliminating the need to transfer coffee from a carafe to a mug. The mug being dishwasher safe is a value add.


Best Percolator to Buy

Presto 02822 coffee makerThe Presto 02822 coffee maker is by far the best portable coffee maker on the market with over 1000 positive reviews and a grand 4.4 star amazon rating. It brews rich, aromatic and flavorful coffee in barely a minute’s time. It has an easy to pour spout that does not leak making it a handy appliance.

The traditional coffee maker design and luxurious stainless steel finish give it a rather elegant look and feel. This device is compact and has functions that makes it most suitable as a coffee maker for a small office. It can brew as little as 2 cups of coffee for a small family or as much as 12 cups when there are guests to entertain.

Users find the filter basket and perk tube handy and easy to use. Many also like the signal light that alerts when the coffee is ready to be served. This appliance is easy to use and easy to clean too, just wait for the coffee maker to cool off completely and wash with warm water.


Top Rated Portable Coffee Maker

Coleman Portable Propane CoffeemakerIf you are a traveler of backpacker Coleman has the perfect device to brew your cup of coffee. The Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker is durable and compact but powered by propane. This coffee maker takes only 15 minutes to brew a potful of rich and aromatic coffee and runs for 4.4 hours on one propane cylinder so you can make many coffees before you need to refill of gas.

This device comes with a 1 year warranty.  Users find this coffee maker easy to use and easy to clean. It is rather lightweight making it a great companion on camping trips. Many users add that this coffee maker makes up to 10 cups of delicious drip coffee.


Best Travel Mug Coffeemaker

Melitta 64013 Ready Set Joe Travel Mug CoffeemakerSmall and easy to handle – the Melitta 64013 Ready Set Joe Travel Mug Coffeemaker, you can brew coffee anywhere using this handy single cup coffee maker. The mug comes with a secure cap to avoid accidental spills. A filter cone ensures that the coffee and water contact period is right enough to brew delicious coffee.

Users like the large mug capacity that can hold up to 16 Oz of coffee for those many coffee lovers who enjoy a large serving of coffee. This portable coffee maker is also easy to clean making it the best portable coffee maker on the market.


Best Rated French Press to Buy

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso MakerThe AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker is a novel device that is capable of brewing strong espresso as well as conventional coffee. The technology in this device ensures a brew with rapid yet robust extraction of flavor. The lower temperature and short brew time ensures coffee with a lower acid level.

Users like that the espresso or coffee brewed in this maker is particle free thanks to the disposable micro filter. AeroPress’s chamber is nearly self-cleaning and includes 1 press, 1 funnel, 1 scoop, 1 Stirrer, and 350 filters, enough to last two years.


best portable coffee maker - hamilton beachPortable coffee makers are available in a range of sizes and utility. Choose a portable coffee maker that is best suited for our requirements. Most portable coffee makers are electrical and are useful at home or at the coffee. Choose a coffee maker, sized based on the amount if coffee you wish to brew. If you brew only for yourself a smaller machine would work best. A smaller coffee maker would not only cost less but would also be easy to store and light on bills.

Coffee makers essentially consist of two main components, the stand (with built in heating apparatus) and a flask, which the coffee is brewed in. Flasks are available in metal and glass. If your coffee maker is a device that you do not move about a glass flask is better as it is easier to clean and an attractive option. However if you are a traveler or have to fit the device into a bag pack or briefcase often, a steel flask is a better option.

If you add milk to your coffee, choose a portable coffee maker which has added utility. Some electric coffee makers come with milk steamers for a frothy cappuccino.

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