Best Rated Coffee Makers with Thermal Carafe 2014

best coffee maker with thermal carafe - introCoffee makers with thermal carafes are a huge rage among prospective buyers, especially those living in cold regions of the world, as thermal carafes keep the preparations warm for longer periods of time and maintain their freshness even after few hours.  As the carafe is not on a hot plate, you don’t get that burnt taste after an hour of so, giving a longer window to enjoy good coffee.

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When buying a coffee maker with thermal carafe, it’s wise to make sure that the carafe offers a good level of insulation and keeps the beverage warm as long as it promises.  Also durability is an important factor to note here as even though the coffee maker continues to work efficiently, the carafe might stop delivering the desired results after some time. It is recommended to opt for brands that have adequate experience and expertise in manufacturing coffee-making machines as opposed to new entrants in the market.

Various brands offer coffee makers with thermal carafes but it makes sense to consider those models which have already been appreciated by their users as opposed to those which welcome cries and complaints. Discussed below are the best rated coffee makers with thermal carafe. All these have garnered significantly positive reviews from their users and continue to sell like hot cakes in the market. Pick up one, and enjoy the best coffee experience.


Fastest Brewing Coffee Maker to Buy

best coffee maker with thermal carafe - btxIdeal for both domestic as well as commercial use, the BTX-B(D)by BUNN coffee maker with thermal carafe promises to deliver up to 10 cups of refreshingly warm, inviting and energizing coffee within 3 minutes. It is inexpensive given the features and efficiency it offers and comes with a reliable thermal carafe made from stainless steel. The interior of the carafe is air tight. Its unique design facilitates better extraction of flavors from the coffee beans and its internal thermostat keeps the brewing temperature at the ideal level at all times.

Users like the 10-Cup Home thermal carafe that is s elegant and has a tight seal that ensures there is no dribbles or messy clean ups to deal with. Many also add that the carafe keeps the coffee warm for hours. The coffee grounds are extracted at the right temperature for maximum flavor.


Best Coffee Maker for the Money

best coffee maker with thermal carafe - melittaFor those who are looking for something sophisticated, smart, compact and convenient, the Melitta 46894 thermal coffee brewer can be the perfect choice. It brews up to 50 oz of fresh and tantalizing coffee at any given time and does so amazingly, without losing the much sought after aroma and flavors. It comes with an auto shut off feature for safe operation and allows the user to program the time to his/her convenience. It maintains the brewing temperature at optimum levels to ensure delectable results every single time.

The double insulated carafe is a big hit with users, who claim that it keeps their coffee flavorsome and hot for a long time. Another favorite feature of many is the cone shaped basket that allows water and coffee grounds to stay in contact for longer, ensuring maximum extraction of flavor. The paper filters absorb all the acidity hence coffee brewed on this machine is never bitter.


Best Coffee Maker under $100

best coffee maker with thermal carafe - cuisinartAnother amazing product on the list of best rated coffee makers with thermal carafe, the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN programmable coffee maker is not only sleek and stylish but is also an efficient machine which automatically produces up to 12 cups of hot coffee with sheer brilliance. Its thermal carafe keeps the beverage hot and fresh for hours at length impressively. The auto-shutoff and brew pause features ensure safe handling and allow the users to pause the brewing operation at any instant of time. It comes with 24-hour programmability and an instruction booklet to help the users get acquainted with the functionality and options. Furthermore, it also comes with a three year warranty.

Users claim that the selling point of this coffee maker is it’s 12 oz carafe, ideal for coffee lovers. The carafe also keeps the coffee piping hot for hours, and hence eliminates the need to microwave or reheat coffee hours after it is brewed. The auto shut off is also lauded by many; the machine goes off once the brewing session is complete!


Top Rated Coffee Maker to Buy

best coffee maker with thermal carafe - btWhen it comes to a nice family thermal coffee maker, nothing beats the BT Velocity Brew home coffee brewer by Bunn. This efficient, powerful and durable coffee-making machine produces 10 cups of hot, tempting and fresh coffee in merely 3 minutes. Its internal thermostat keeps the brewing temperature at the optimal level and its unique SprayHead design ensures maximum extraction of the desired flavors out of the coffee beans. The thermal carafe that comes along is made of stainless steel and is entirely vacuum-insulated to keep the beverage hot and fresh for hours. For those who want unmatched quality, efficiency and durability, this one should be high on their consideration list.

Users claim that this coffee maker’s thermal carafe keeps coffee piping hot for longer than the package or booklet reads- a good 90 minutes! The lid stays in place while pouring coffee into a cup which means less spills. Many users also add that the filters do a great job and the coffee is flavorsome without a speck of coffee grounds in it.


Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker to Buy

best coffee maker with thermal carafe - bonavitaLast but definitely not the least on the list of best rated coffee makers with thermal carafe is the Bonavita BV1800 coffee maker. Its stainless steel thermal carafe holds 8 cups of hot and delectable coffee and its 1400 watt heater keeps the brewing temperatures at optimal levels throughout the operation. Extraction from the coffee beans takes place desirably so that the final preparation is both aromatic and flavorful. The brewing takes place at a fast pace and coffee is ready within 5-6 minutes. Its ergonomic design makes handling easy and convenient.

Users simply love the aesthetically pleasing design that blends into any kitchen décor with ease. This minimalistic coffee maker is compact and without fancy dials; it is easy to operate and easy to clean, and brews tasty coffee that you will love!


When you are looking for a few good cups of coffee but don’t want to keep making fresh pots of coffee, a thermal carafe is what you want.  There a many types to choose from and one of these may be what you are looking for.  If not, you can find more of coffee makers with thermal carafes at by clicking here,


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