Need the Best Rated Drip Coffee Makers in 2016?

Best Rated Drip Coffee Makers2


Many people simply cannot get their day started without a good, fresh cup (or carafe) of coffee.

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A drip coffee maker is one easiest tools to use to make coffee. Many of these kitchen appliances have intuitive settings, or you may find them with many programmable features that control when and how the machine makes your favorite kind of joe.

Best Cheap Drip Coffee Maker under $30

Mr. Coffee CG12 12-Cup Switch Coffee makerMr. Coffee is a brand name for coffee makers that has been around since 1972. Coffee percolators were in use primarily before this time, but the drip brew/glass decanter combination took over this market in the years that followed.

The white Mr. Coffee CG12 12-Cup Switch Coffee maker is a simple and very affordable appliance. You may also choose to purchase this machine in black if you prefer. Once the coffee beans are ground, you simply place them inside a filter that goes in the compartment above the glass coffee pot.

This container is used to fill up the water reservoir at the back of the machine. You then place the coffee pot back on the heater unit and flip the switch on the front of the appliance and the coffee will start drip brewing, making up to 12 cups. The simple design is great for people who do not want to mess with many buttons and programming.

Best Programmable Coffeemaker for the Price

Best Programmable Drip Coffeemaker

If you do not mind considering a higher price tag, consider purchasing the Cuisinart DCC-2650BW 12 Cup Brew Central Programmable Coffee Maker.

It comes in black or silver, and also brews up to 12 cups of coffee. Instead of using a paper filter, the Cuisinart comes with a permanent gold filter. The machine also boasts a charcoal filter that the water passes through.

This can help any off taste coming from the water if you get it from the tap. This coffee maker is programmable, claims to brew coffee faster, has a self cleaning option, and has adjustable controls for temperature and auto shut off.

Bestselling Coffee Machine on the Market

Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GTIf you want a classic brand coffee maker with multiple features, the chrome Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker might be the appliance for you. This unit comes with water filtration (claiming to remove up to 97% chlorine).

If you are a person who likes to set up the coffee maker to have a fresh brew ready when you wake up, program this appliance to meet that need. Do you like a stronger cup of coffee? This machine has an adjustment for bolder coffee taste. If you want to pour a cup of coffee before the cycle is finished, then you can use the “Grab A Cup” auto pause.

This coffee maker will automatically shut off after two hours so that you do not have to worry about if you have turned it off after you have left home or work. It is designed for easy clean up. Its cleaning cycle lets you know when it is time for maintenance (cleaning helps keep the coffee brew flavors at their best.)

Best Rated Drip Coffee Maker under $50

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee MakerThe stainless steel Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker also has an automatic two hour shut off. The readout display on this machine is digital. This drip coffee maker also has an adjustment for bolder or regular strength brew.

An unusual and handy feature of this appliance is the wheels on the base that makes it easier to access the water reservoir. The Hamilton Beach has a pause and serve function if you cannot wait for the cycle to finish and it brews 12 cups.Best Rated Drip Coffee Makers3

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If a simple design is your favorite or you want many features on your drip coffee maker, there are many brands and features to choose from. There is simply no excuse for not finding a machine that meets your morning cup-of-joe needs.



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