Best Rated K Cup Coffee Maker for 2017

Best Rated K Cup Coffee Maker2With a one-cup coffee brewer you can play barista, get that java fix you crave in just minutes. Perfect for those early morning wake up calls and also great for those mornings you get to kick back and enjoy the sunrise.

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Whichever need you have for that first cup in the morning you want it to be the best cup possible. Here are a few of the best rated K-cup coffee makers to choose from.



Best Two Way Brewer under $100

Hamilton Beach 49980Z Two Way Brewer Single Serve and 12 Cup Coffee MakerThe Hamilton Beach Single Serve Brewer offers you two ways to brew that perfect cup of coffee. You can brew a single cup or go for the full 12-cup carafe. This unique coffee system is a 2-Way Brewer doubling as a compact single size server option with its own reservoir and basket for pre-packaged K-cup pods.

The single serve side is designed for you to choose the size of cup you’re looking for. It can be that first cup in the morning to wake up with, or the travel mug you need to take out the door with you. K-cup pods snap into the single-brew basket and then you choose the brew strength you enjoy.

The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Brewer has an easy to use control panel and displays the hour and minute. Programming is simple and brewing time can be pre-programmed up to 24 hours ahead.

Customers who have purchased the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Brewer love this machines concept. The choice of using all the different variety of K-cups on the market or regular coffee grounds offers them more choices than they’ve ever had for that perfect coffee right at home. They say they’ll use another brewer again.

Another wrote how pleased they are with the simple to follow direction for any type of brewing they do. The variety of pods to use with this brewer are easy to find and being able to use regular grounds provides limitless possibilities for great coffee.

Top Single Serve Brewing System

Cuisinart SS-700BK Single Serve Brewing SystemThe Cuisinart Single Serve System is designed with an 80 ounce removable reservoir to eliminate having to refill frequently. This incredible brewing system offers five different cup sizes plus an iced beverage setting. There is also a built-in removable drip tray that can be removed to place taller travel size mugs under brewer.

This system is fully programmable with LCD clock, auto on/off and the water temperature can be adjusted. Included with the brewing system is the reusable K-Cup filter, charcoal filter and instruction book for K-Cup portion. This offers you the choice of using your regular blend of coffee or the K-Cups to brew your favorite beverages.

The menu display is easy to follow and allows you to change the cup size of your beverage, the temperature you would like it served at even the strength of the flavor. The brewing system does not need to be turned off so you can grab that hot cup of coffee whenever you’re ready.

Customers who have purchased the Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System say this model replaces any other K-Cup system they have used before. They love the quality of the Cuisinart and will not switch back. There are many features on this system that are just fantastic like; the power switch on the side and not the back, the water tank is larger, the replaceable charcoal filter and how quiet it is.

Another customer wrote this is a great machine with better selection in beverage choices. The different sizes, K-Cup options and more make this an awesome home brewing system. The time it takes to get a great cup of coffee is terrific and they will never go back to their old system.

Best K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffee K55 MakerThis Keurig Coffee Maker is the classic single cup brewer using optimum temperature and pressure to create the perfect brew every time with any K-Cup variety. You can choose the size of cup you want from three different options; six, eight or ten ounces. The removable drip tray allows for you to make larger, travel size mugs also. The reservoir holds enough water, 48 ounces, allowing you to make several cups before having to refill.

The controls are easy to use and will guide you through the options of cup sizes, water temperature, auto on/off and even brew strength. This is the bestselling coffee maker and offers over 500 K-Cup pod varieties. Looking for that single great cup of instantly brewed coffee in hundreds of different flavors is what Keurig offers you.

Best Rated K Cup Coffee Maker3A customer who purchased the Keurig Coffee Maker after seeing its advantages in the office absolutely loves having the same quality of coffee available at home now. She states the quality of the machine is wonderful and the coffee is the best.

Another customer wrote how much she enjoys all the choices this machine offers her. The choices she loves are; the cup size, the brew strength, the hundreds of different varieties on coffee and more making this machine simply amazing. She can’t believe she waited so long to own an incredible machine like this that makes her life so much easier. She is telling everyone they need to own a Keurig.

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Even with all the coffee shops appearing on the market today it is still important to be able to have a great cup right in the comfort of your home. The K-Cup brewers offer that and can brew it quickly for you. We hope these choices help you find the one that works best for you.



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