Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews 2014/15

best single serve coffee maker reviews -featyreCoffee is an elixir that can brighten your day. It wakes you up on drowsy mornings or compels you to push further on your quest to reach deadlines or complete crucial projects. Such are the wonders of a well brewed cup of coffee! However at times, it can be difficult to get your hands on a good cuppa coffee when you need it the most.

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While some may have to drive downtown for a cup, others fiddle with complicated machines at home. If you are one of those many coffee lovers, who crave to fix your own coffee, simply buy a single serve coffee maker.

Happy sipping with this list of the best single serve coffee makers available online. These coffee makers have been selected based on the many ‘best single serve coffee maker reviews’ posted on several forums.

Best Single Serve Coffee Machine

best single serve coffee maker reviews - bunnCoffee maker reviews suggest that this is one of the best coffee makers on the market. The BUNN MCU brews coffee in barely a minute’s time. It can brew as little as 4 ounces of coffee or as much as 14 ounces for those who drink copious quantities of coffee. This versatile coffee maker can even brew tea and other hot beverages in a jiffy.

Users love the versatility of this unit that allows you to use soft coffee and tea pods, loose coffee or tea or even K cups, to brew a hot cup of drink when you need. Many also add that the pulse brew option works like a charm and dispenses a cup of rich coffee for those who like coffee strong!

Best Tassimo Single Cup Coffee Maker

best single serve coffee maker reviews - tassimoThe Tassimo TAS1000UC is a stylish single serve coffee maker with amazing functionality. This unit is compact and sturdy and weighs just 5.6 pounds. It can fit neatly on your desk at home or work, without taking up much space.

It has a 10-oz. brewing capacity and is compatible with coffee grounds and T-Discs pods with barcode technology. The device automatically goes into standby mode when not in use. The Tassimo Single-Serve Coffee Brewer is durable with stainless steel features and is dishwasher safe. A nifty feature on this device is the auto off mode- the unit goes off when the brew cycle is complete.

Users love the height adjustable cup stand that accommodates mugs of different sizes with ease. Best single serve coffee maker reviews that feature this unit claim that this is a fully automatic machine that entails no measuring, fuss or clean ups.

Best Keurig Hot Drink Brewer for the Money     

best single serve coffee maker reviews - tassimoThe Keurig B130 DeskPro is an advanced single serve coffee maker that is attractively designed with a wide range of utility. The device has a choice of 1 cup size (8 oz.) and is built with a single use water reservoir. The Keurig B130 is equipped with a cup sensor. This means the machine will not brew until a cup is placed under the dispensing head. The Keurig B130 DeskPro weighs just 7.2 pounds and fits neatly on any desk, small or big.

Users particularly like the energy saving mode on this coffee maker that helps reduce energy bills considerably. Many also add that the pictorial instructions that come as a guide with the coffee maker, is rather self explanatory and helps a user understand the operation of the coffee maker better.

Best Cheap Single Cup Coffee machine

best single serve coffee maker reviews -hamilton beachThe Hamilton Beach 49970 is a practical table top coffee maker. This coffee maker brews directly into a large 12-Ounce cup. The Brew basket is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and maintenance. One touch start makes this coffee maker easy to operate even for a novice. The auto shut off, and single cup reservoir makes this coffee maker a perfect choice for those who like an occasional cup of coffee.

Users claim that this coffee maker is quick, efficient and rather easy to clean up. Having a smaller water tank it doesn’t leave bigger carbon footprints. Many users also like that the coffee maker can accommodate two coffee pods for a stronger brew.

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker under $100

best single serve coffee maker reviews -cuisinartThe Cuisinart DCC-3000 is a quintessential coffee machine that is suitable for use both at home or on a desk at your work place. This coffee maker is compact with a host of exciting brewing functions. This coffee maker has programmable functions like Auto On, Auto Off, Program, Clock, and Brew.

The Cuisinart coffee on demand brewer is a single serve machine that dispenses only one cup of coffee at a time; however the easily removable double-walled water reservoir can hold up to 12 five ounce cups of coffee hot for hours.

Other interesting features include a charcoal water filter that eliminates bad odor and taste and ensures that only the best coffee flavor reaches your lips, a coffee gauge that displays the amount of coffee stored in the machine, and a 24 hour advance brew start that allows you to wake up to the aroma of coffee.

Users particularly like the self clean cycle that eliminates the need for massive clean ups. Many also have lauded the dispenser light and ready tones of this elegant coffee maker.


With a host of handy single serve coffee makers on the market today, you can brew your own cup of steaming coffee almost anywhere, be it at home, work or even on a camping trip. These appliances are compact and affordable, and brew a cup of aromatic and rich coffee every time.

Buying the right single serve coffee maker need not be an ordeal if you know exactly what you require from your coffee maker. Choose a coffee maker that is easy to clean. Most coffee makers are dishwasher friendly and saves you time cleaning up after a brewing session.

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A thermal mug with your coffee maker is another smart choice, and can keep your brew hot for longer. If you have limited space, you can choose from a variety of compact brewers. You can also choose a model that is handy at brewing not just coffee but also tea, hot chocolate and other hot beverages.

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