Consumer Reports: Best Coffee Makers in 2016

Consumer Reports Best Coffee Makers2You can take the time to stop and grab a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop or convenience store and pay twice what it’s worth, or you can brew your own with one of the best coffee makers in 2015.

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Large capacity or small there are many choices that are very affordable and all of these coffee makers rate four stars or more in Amazon consumer reviews.


Best Coffeemaker for the Price

Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT Programmable CoffeemakerOne of the most recognizable brands and first makers of home coffee brewers, the Mr. Coffee programmable coffee maker is the most popular coffeemaker on the market. With a 12-cup capacity and onboard water filtration that removes up to 97% of chlorine from water, the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT Programmable Coffeemaker delivers cup after cup of perfectly brewed coffee. The delay brew timer can be set ahead so that your coffee is waiting for you when you are ready for it and the brew strength selector let you make your coffee as strong or weak as you like it.

Purchasers like the grab-a-cup feature of the Mr. Coffee that allows you to get a cup of coffee while still brewing. The also praised the price of this coffee maker and claim that you get a lot of value for your money. Others like its modern looks and say that it fits well with their kitchen décor. Many reviewers are very satisfied with the Mr. Coffee programmable coffee maker.


Top Rated Digital Coffeemaker

Hamilton Beach 46201Very sleek design and a stainless steel accent give the Hamilton Beach (46201) 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker a modern appearance. Adjustable brewing gives you a bold, regular and an option for 1-4 cups. The swing out brew basket is easy to access and the programmable clock allows you to set the coffeemaker to brew coffee so that it is waiting for you. The two-hour automatic shut-off keeps you from worrying about whether you have turned it off our not. The easy fill water reservoir is easy to use and more convenient than some of the pour over type coffee makers.

Purchasers of the Hamilton Beach digital coffee makers liked the removable water reservoir and say that it is more convenient than other coffee makers. Other reviewers found the blue LCD display to be easy to see and others like the two hour shut off feature. One reviewer claimed that it was the best coffee maker they have ever owned.


Best Drip Coffeemaker under $100

Zojirushi ECDAC 50 Zutto Drip Coffee MakerWith a much smaller footprint and capacity, the Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Coffeemaker is perfect for smaller households who consume smaller amounts of coffee. Using a filter cone that fits into the pot makes this unit more compact than any of the other brewers listed here. This is a no frills coffee maker but it has a replaceable water filter, and a removable water reservoir for easy filling and an automatic keep warm function.

Reviewers of the Zojirushi coffee maker rave about its build quality and the quality of the coffee it makes. The cone filter gives you the ability to adjust the strength of coffee that you want and reviewers liked the removable water reservoir. Others who reviewed the Zojirushi coffee maker say that it fits well in a small space, is easy to clean and easy to use.


Best Programmable Coffeemaker to Buy

Cuisinart DCC 1200 Brew Central Programmable Coffee MakerThe black and brushed metal of the Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker fits well with any kitchen décor and the 12-cup capacity makes enough coffee for a crowd, if necessary. The brew pause allows you to stop the brewing cycle so that you can fill your cup. The adjustable temperature heater plate, gives you three heat settings so that you can keep you coffee at the perfect temperature. With 24-hour advance brew start, you can brew your coffee and it will be waiting for you.

Reviewers of the Cuisinart Brew Central coffee maker liked that it has a charcoal filter and that you can set the unit to make coffee later, when you are ready for it. They also like the feature that allows you to make fewer cups of coffee and the combination of a gold plated filter and charcoal filtration system makes for a very smooth cup of coffee. Other reviewers claim that it makes HOT coffee and that the coffee maker is of very high quality, reflecting its higher price.Consumer Reports Best Coffee Makers3

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Whichever model you choose, all of the listed coffeemakers have high ratings so the hardest thing to do will be to select the one that suits you and your budget best. Think of all the money you can save by brewing your own coffee and having the choice to make it as strong or weak as you like.



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