Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews in 2016

Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews2A single cup coffee maker is ideal for the person on the go and for individual coffee drinkers.

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They allow you to get a single cup without wasting an entire pot and they allow you to take a few minutes brewing rather than hours. When you’re searching for the best coffee maker that offers only a single cup brewer analyze the reviews to help you decide. Here are some of best choices.


Best 1 Cup Coffee Maker for the Price

Better Chef 102B Personal Cup Coffee MakerThis item – Better Chef 102B Personal Cup Coffee Maker comes in a compact size and is inexpensive in comparison to many other single cup coffee makers. You use your own coffee mug and it uses coffee pods too. With a one year replacement warranty you are ensured that after purchase you can get another one if anything goes wrong within the warranty time limit.

Consumers like how this coffee maker delivers hot delicious coffee every time and feel it is a convenient appliance.


Top Brewing System to Buy

Keurig K 130 Brewing SystemThis unit – Keurig Brewing K130 System can brew up to eight ounces in under three minutes and has a single use water reservoir. It weighs about eight pounds and it has an energy saving mode. There is a simple push button for the power and on the right side of the coffee maker you get simple instructions displayed.

There are no coffee grounds or filters with this coffee maker and it is easy to clean and maintain. You get an automatic off capability. Consumers feel this item works great and is reliable while being convenient.


Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

Kitchen Selectives 688 One Cup Single Serve Drip Coffee MakerWith optimal temperatures and no paper filter needed you get more options with this coffee maker. The Kitchen Selectives 688 One Cup Single Serve Drip Coffee Maker comes with a 12 ounce coffee mug that is dishwasher safe and a visible power button that is illuminated when on. It weighs about three pounds and has a removable drip tray.

It’s hinge lid is convenient and its modern sleek design is nice looking. Consumers like its good value and how well it works.


Best Coffee Maker for the Money

Black & Decker DCM18SThis item – Black and Decker 18S DCM Brew n Go Personal Coffee Maker comes with a 15 ounce stainless steel traveling mug for added convenience. It takes up little space on your kitchen counter and comes with a one year warranty.

It causes no trash with a permanent filter and has gleaming black plastic housing. It takes about two minutes to brew and five minutes to finish dripping. It has an automatic shut off capability and the mug is dishwasher safe.

The mug can be taken on the go and fits most car cup holders. There is a one touch operation and a filter basket that is removable for easy cleaning. Consumers like how easy this coffee maker is to clean and feel it works great.


Best Single Serve Coffee Maker on the Market

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker, Stainless SteelThis unit – Hamilton Beach Singe Serve 49981A Scoop Coffee Maker has an automatic shut off capability and has a built in stand. It has its own traveling mug of up to 14 ounces and it brews up to eight ounces within 90 seconds. You can adjust the cup size and it allows for various grinding types including a K cup pack and coffee pods. It ha a steel mesh scoop filter and a spill resistant draining process.

You can choose your bold level from decaf to strong. It has an L shape cup rest and a stainless steel construction. It’s durable and lasts for a long time. Consumers like how easy it is to clean and how quietly it runs.


Top Rated Single Cup Coffee Maker

Black and Decker 625BCM Programmable Single Serve Coffee MakerWith an easy to operate programming, you can have a cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning. The Black and Decker 625BCM Programmable Single Serve Coffee Maker comes with a two year limited warranty. It has an adjustable tray and comes with a 16 ounce insulated mug.

Its carafe is nonstick and the filter is reusable. It has a removable filter basket and a clock timer. It has a stainless steel housing and a dishwasher safe carafe. It weighs as little as two pounds and takes up little space on the kitchen counter.

Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews3It has an automatic off capability and an indicator light to let you know when it’s on. You can adjust its tray. Consumers feel this is a great choice for a single serve coffee maker especially for the person on the go and like how it stays hot.

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All of these items are among the top choices when looking for the best single serve coffee makers according to their reviews. They all offer something unique and provide you with a ton of convenience.


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