Stovetop Espresso Maker 2014

stovetop espresso maker - cuisaidStovetop espresso makers also known as Moka pots are a true European tradition of brewing extremely rich, aromatic and flavorsome coffee not through a coffee brewer but on your stove! These Moka pots are not percolators but in fact brew coffee under a mild pressure. During this process hot water is forced up from the base and through the well ground coffee and then into the top carafe.

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This espresso can then be served out of the carafe and into a cup. Coffee brewed in stovetops taste as great as those pumped from electric coffee makers, they just don’t have crema due to a lower brewing pressure.

Here are a few of the best espresso makers that money can buy. Be sure to read user reviews before a purchase.


Holstein Stainless Steel Espresso Maker

stovetop espresso maker - holsteinIf coffee is on your mind, and you love espresso, get yourself the Holstein Housewares H-08007 espresso maker that can make up to 6 cups of piping hot espresso to have with your croissants. This espresso maker has a stainless steel body that has been given a mirror finish to add to its looks. This compact stovetop espresso maker measures just 4.5 inchesx3.5 inchesx 8 inches and can be easily stored in any cupboard when not in use. This espresso maker is perfect to make a quick cup of the traditional stove top espresso.

Users love the handle design, material and build of this espresso maker. It is rather light and easy to handle. What’s more? The espresso maker leaves your kitchen smelling delicious and inviting after a brewing session. Don’t be surprised if your neighbors pop in for a cup of espresso! Not only is it easy to handle, but easy to clean too.


Bialetti  Moka Express Espresso Maker

stovetop espresso maker - balBialetti a household name in Italian cookware and houseware has some of the very best stove to espresso makers on the offering. Being in the industry since the 1930’s, their stovetop espresso makers are simply the best. You will find the famous ‘Lil’ man with a mustache’ logo on the Bialetti 6800 that is a six cup stove top espresso machine made out of premium quality aluminum.  This aluminum Moka pot has all of its pressure valves well fitted with ball bearings and stainless steel bearings too that make this one of the safest espresso makers that money can buy.

Users have given rave reviews on this stovetop espresso maker that is very solid, and fits together really well. Many add that the handle is very comfortable too. It has a very thick base that does not heat up too fast even on a gas flame, that allows for the coffee to brew slowly to give the best concoction ever. If you like your espresso rich, simply grind the coffee  slightly finer than usual, tamp it down ever so gently, and voila you will be amazed by the results.


Cuisaid Xpress- 9 Cup Espresso Maker

stovetop espresso maker - cuisaidThis stove top espresso maker by Cuisaid is one of the best stove tops on the market. It has a 4 star rating and several positive reviews to it’s credit. You can now brew the most authentic and traditional European style espresso in your very kitchen using this stylish and trendy looking espresso maker. It is rather versatile and can be used on both gas stoves as well as electric stoves. Many users also use this on portable camping burners when on a trip. The espresso maker barely 5 minutes to brew a pot of flavorsome espresso for your family. It has a 9 cup capacity, and is made of durable aluminum. The espresso maker is octagonal in shape.

Users love the stay cool handle that makes it easy to handle the espresso maker right off the stove. The ergonomic handle and knob is highly lauded by most users. It works great for entertaining and does not spurt or leak.


Cuisinox Stovetop Espresso Maker

stovetop espresso maker - cuisenoxThe  Cuisinox Roma is a stainless steel espresso maker that has a 4.6 star rating on amazon and over 100 reviews to it’s name. This stovetop espresso maker is available in two sizes- 6 cups for those who do not consume too much coffee and a 10 cup size for those who drink copious quantities of coffee daily. It is made of very durable and rust resistant heavy gauge stainless steel that also conducts heat well. It also has an induction base that allows for the coffee to brew slowly without getting burnt. It’s size is based on the standard 1.5 ounce cups, like all other stove tops on the market. Also included in the packaging is an extra gasket and reducer.

Users love this coffee maker that is exceptionally user friendly and rather good looking too. Many add that it is so well designed that it is bound to give several years of service. Happy users claim that there is no spurting or even spilling over with this espresso maker. A screen filter included when placed inside allows you the option to make 3 cups of espresso instead of 6. No more messy clean ups, just deliciously brewed coffee every day!


Primula Stove-Top Espresso Maker

stovetop espresso maker - primulaYet another quality espresso maker, the Primula is available in different sizes ranging from one cup to 9 cups. It is also available in different builds. The most popular of the many versions is the aluminum stove top that is made of durable 18/10 gauge aluminum. It has an octagonal shape and can brew up to 6 cups of Italian style espresso in just a few minutes.

Users like that this espresso maker works great on not just electric stoves but also gas stoves. The coffee brews brilliantly without getting charred even on a gas flame. The plastic gasket is rather durable too, though many prefer getting a rubber replacement. The brass safety valve ensures that there are no dangerous spurts. This no fuss machine does a great job at giving you piping hot espresso that you will love sipping.


When you are looking for a stove-top espresso maker, there are several models available to choose from.  They all give you a decent cup of coffee so the best way to know if it is the right one for you is to read the reviews.

These five are the best stove-top espresso makers to for home but if you have not seen what you are looking for, check out other top rated espresso makers at, click here,


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